What Do You Wear?

I wear what you choose to be appropriate for your type of ceremony. In most ceremonies I wear a black suit and tie which does not have any symbols or images.

Are you available on short notice?

Yes, schedule permitting.

Can you travel to our chosen wedding site?

Ceremonies can be performed at religious or non-religious sites, indoors or outdoors, formal or informal, national or international. My local service area is the Chicago-Milwaukee corridor.

How long have you been officiating?

I have been a part of over 1000 weddings and events. I became an Ordained Minister in 2012 and have performed many ceremonies in the years since. I have a background in Public Speaking, Communications, Theology and in World Religions.  I continually research traditional and new ways to make your ceremony exactly the way you want it, and more.

Are you available for rehearsal?

A formal rehearsal is essential to the success of your ceremony. It takes planning, preparation and practice to ensure your ceremony goes as smoothly as possible. Whether your wedding party is 2 people, or 22 people, rehearsals are extremely important for everyone involved.

How much do you charge?

$300 for the ceremony/reception blessing; $100 for the rehearsal; Distance Factor: 25+ miles from Beach Park, IL is an extra fee depending on distance - Call or email for details; $250 for Memorial Service (Funeral)

Do you file the marriage license with the clerk's office?

Most Counties/States require that the Marriage Certificate is mailed back to that office.  We will follow the laws of any county or state where the ceremony is performed.

Can we write our own vows?

I always love it when a couple makes their ceremony more personal with their own written words. I encourage each couple to add their own ideas, thoughts and memories to their ceremony. I also understand when some couples are at a loss for words.  I can help by taking your feelings and adding words to them for you.


Do you stay for the reception?

I can stay and offer a dinner blessing at no additional cost to the Bride & Groom.

Do you provide your own audio/sound equipment?

Normally, I will use the house audio system at the venue or the DJ's PA system. If needed, I can provide a microphone and amplifier.