Jackie & Rob

July 23rd, 2016 - It’s hard to put into words exactly how amazing Jim is, but I will try…Saying that Jim is extremely responsive is an understatement, he isn’t just responsive, he is proactive. He was constantly in touch with us throughout the months before, not only gathering the stories and information he needed to create our ceremony, but also just checking in to see how things are going with planning and if there is anything we needed help with.

Then the wedding weekend came….and having Jim there was a blessing in so many ways. The coordinator at the venue said that we didn’t need to rehearse on location, that we should just practice outside at the rehearsal dinner. When I told Jim that there was no formal rehearsal, he took charge and rallied the troops (and with a bridal party of 20 there were a lot of troops to rally), got us all over to the ceremony location, and put together his own formal rehearsal because he wanted everyone to feel as comfortable and prepared as possible. We were all set to get married outside, but having checked the weather forecast for the next day we all knew there was a possibility of rain. Jim wanted to be prepared for anything, so he went and checked out the room the venue had reserved for the ceremony in case of rain. He came back to us and said there is no way that we are getting married in that room, and instead came up with the amazing idea of getting married right on the dancefloor of the ballroom…it was already beautifully decorated, and the guests could sit at their tables. Instantly, I was no longer worried about the rain because I knew we would still have a beautiful ceremony, and we wouldn’t be shoved into some conference room down the hall. It did end up raining, but the indoor ceremony went off without a hitch because of Jim. Now to get to the ceremony itself….the words were not just words, he put them together in the most beautiful way and every single one held so much meaning. I honestly don’t know if there was a dry eye in the room…I never expected Rob to cry on our wedding day, but there he was in front of me tears flowing. Jim incorporated every part of us into the ceremony, both the good and the bad, all the way from when we were born up until that very moment we were in. The ceremony was so meaningful to us that we have a copy of the entire thing printed, framed, and hanging in our home. We received so many compliments, and I am pretty sure every person in that room who is even thinking of getting married someday has Jim’s name memorized for when that time comes. We cannot thank him enough for making our wedding day one of the best days of our lives!