Renewal of Vows

Married a year, two, ten, thirty years? Like a fine wine, a good marriage grows better with age. Why not celebrate your commitment to your marriage with a renewal ceremony? A renewal ceremony allows a couple to experience the hope and promise they felt on their wedding day all over again. Some couples prefer to have their original vows read, reaffirming the commitment they made, sometimes decades earlier. Other couples prefer to make their vows  personal as they speak to the heart of the marriage and what it has grown into.
One exciting factor to a renewal ceremony is the inclusion of children born of the marriage. In many instances, they are now adults with children of their own. The symbolism a renewal ceremony provides is readily apparent, couples beam with pride seeing their family gather for such a joyous event.
Renewal ceremonies can range from a small family affair to an extravagant party, backyard barbeque, or an exact recreation of the original wedding (Same dress/suit, wedding party, location, etc) with a few minor updates. The most important factor is to make sure the ceremony reflects the couple and pays respect to their marriage as a whole.