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Jim was amazing!

Jim was amazing! Everything was so personal to us and all our guests kept saying how beautiful the ceremony was.


Minister Jim did a phenomenal job!

Jim was the officiant for our wedding this past weekend and he did a phenomenal job! During the ceremony, he personalized the speech – including details about us that made it feel like we knew each other for years. He was very responsive and easy to get a hold of if we had questions or concerns. Many people came up to us afterwards commenting on how beautiful the ceremony was. Jim is an asset to have on your wedding team & a great person to work with! I highly recommend him!

Julie L

Minister Jim was amazing from start of rehearsal to end of wedding!

He was able to take stories from each of us and our loved ones and create a beautifully written ceremony that we both will remember for the rest of our lives. The best part of it was the first time hearing it was at the ceremony! Thankfully he had the tissues ready for us!! We are beyond happy that we chose him. He was able to ensure that everything went smoothly and he even brought his own uplighting for our ceremony. He truly went above and beyond and we cannot thank him enough. All of our friends and family couldn’t stop talking about how wonderful he was and how unique our ceremony was. We were so impressed and 1000% would recommend him to officiate your wedding ceremony. Thank you Minister Jim from the bottom of our hearts!!! You’re the best!!!


Minister Jim was amazing from beginning to wedding!

He was so easy to talk with and knowledgeable with any questions I had at any time. He took all our stories and notes that we would like for our ceremony and made it into what will be remembered for the rest of our lives! All our guests were very pleased with how friendly and funny he was. Our DJ had a slight mishap with my entrance song not playing at first but after I got to the alter, Jim cracked a joke to break the ice which is exactly what we needed in that moment, smooth sailing after that! He is a great guy and you can’t go wrong with choosing him for your special day!

Stacy H

We cannot thank him enough for doing such a wonderful job.

We hired Jim to be our officiant for our wedding. Our photographer had sent us his recommendation after working with him at another wedding and said he did a great job. We set up a zoom call with him to meet and see if he was what we working looking for. Our biggest thing we wanted was it to be short, a story about us that even if you didn’t know us together you would understand. We didn’t get to meet Jim until the day before our wedding since we were from out of town. He ran us through everything and asked us a few questions for his ceremony. Jim did everything we asked and more for the ceremony. Our ceremony had our entire story together and what brought us together. We cannot thank him enough for doing such a wonderful job. After the ceremony we had tons of our guest wondering how we found him, how long we had known him, etc. We would definitely recommend using Jim for your ceremony service in the future!

Megan H

Minister Jim did an amazing job!

He was able to take stories from loved ones and each other and put them into a beautifully written ceremony, exactly how we wanted. His knowledge with weddings greatly helped the ceremony go smooth, from the rehearsal ahead of time, to his extra suggestions the day of to help with set up and logistics, to his directly coordinating with the other vendors (DJ). He made sure everyone knew where they were going and what they were doing and he patiently rehearsed it till everyone got it right! We had so many compliments about the ceremony!

Kim B

We are so happy

Minister Jim was professional, arrived way before ceremony, explained everything to us very clearly.

The ceremony that he performed was Beautiful.
We are so happy with overall experience everything was great and what we wanted.

Tom P

Minister Jim truly went above and beyond.

He used my history, my husbands, families and friends history to make such a beautiful story. We didn’t know each others answers until the day of the wedding and that is when it all hits you, everyone’s responses on how you impacted their lives. Truly beautiful and heartfelt. Our day was so special and he made sure to make it that way. We were truly happy with his services.

Diana P

Minister Jim was exactly who we were looking for!

His knowledge and experience helped make the rehearsal and ceremony run smoothly and efficiently. His heartwarming words during the ceremony gathered from the provided questionnaires and previous interviews made it feel like he knew us for years. His easygoing demeanor definitely helped with my nerves on the big day. I truly appreciate all of his hard work in preparation for our wedding and for a very reasonable cost. We would recommend him to everyone!

Theresa G

Minister Jim is AMAZING at performing ceremonies!

I am beyond happy that we chose him. He made us feel so relaxed and comfortable from the very first time we spoke with him. He asked us to send him our stories of growing up and how my husband and I met… He put our stories together beautifully on the day of our wedding! He managed to sneak words in that my husband and I only knew the meaning behind. It was absolutely beautiful!! We had MANY compliments on how beautiful the ceremony was. Look no further and hire Jim. Hands down the best!

Lindsey W

Jim did an awesome job at our wedding.

He made it personal to us and we got a lot of positive feedback about him from our guests.
We were so thrilled with what Jim put together in such short notice and received many compliments on the beautiful ceremony! He was courteous, professional, and paid attention to the details that mattered to us. I’d recommend Jim to anyone that asked!

Andrew M

I'd recommend Jim to anyone that asked!

We hired Jim initially to do our bartending for our wedding. A family friend was lined up to wed us.  After meeting Jim, we were a little bummed we hadn’t hired him to officiate for us. When our family friend fell ill and was unable to do the ceremony, we called Jim right away and he was able to step in.  

We were so thrilled with what Jim put together in such short notice and received many compliments on the beautiful ceremony! He was courteous, professional, and paid attention to the details that mattered to us. I’d recommend Jim to anyone that asked!

Jamie H

Jim is an absolutely amazing officiant.

He is able to adapt to just about any crazy situation or request. My husband and I got married this last weekend August 20th 2021. I am so thankful we had Jim there for our wedding. He is the definition of going above and beyond for his clients. Jim makes himself so involved and invested in his work that I never once felt like i hired him. He truly made us feel like he was our friend and wanted the day to be just as amazing as we did. Our DJ was not very active in making announcements and Jim stepped up to the plate. Without hesitation, Jim took over the mic and was with us the entire night from start to finish. Humor is huge for me and Jim had no problem making the crowd laugh and actively listen. My wedding ceremony and reception are memorable thanks to Jim. Jim relies on personal stories from us and our friends to help him create his story. This is something so unique i have never witnessed at a wedding. Hearing and reading what he put together in words shows such dedication to our wedding. It was an honor to have Jim be there and I will forever be thankful for him. I thank the interent and recommendations everyday for leading me to him.

Jennifer P

Jim was OUTSTANDING to say the least!

He puts together a unique, personal reading based on answers to a series of questions he sends to the couple (and family). The best part of it… is that your first time hearing it will be AT THE CEREMONY! The reading took us through a lot of emotions. It was serious, funny, heartfelt and even made us cry. I wouldn’t want to have my ceremony any other way! Be sure to contact Jim for your wedding ceremony!!!!

Kayla N

Because of how he customized or ceremony to our lives, he was our number 1 choice and we really couldn't be happier.

Very helpful with communicating everything we need to do. With us having unique lives, we are so happy that he brought that uniqueness into it ceremony as well. His sermon was amazing, especially because the wedding was scheduled with such short notice. We cannot thank him enough and he really made our wedding feel special. Because of how he customized or ceremony to our lives, he was our number 1 choice and we really couldn’t be happier.

Quintessa G

Minister Jim performed a great ceremony for our wedding!

He is very easy-going and easy to talk to.  He is very open to new ideas, and he tailored his ceremony to what my groom and I wanted.  We received so many compliments on our ceremony from family and friends.  He did a great job at taking personal information from us and our family members to create a very well-done, personalized ceremony.

Megan W

Jim was literally one of the best parts of my wedding.

Jim was literally one of the best parts of my wedding. This is not just my opinion but ALL of my guests’ opinion. He was organized, personable, funny, a natural wedding planner, AND a fantastic officiant. The day of my wedding, I was a nervous wreck because my ceremony was supposed to be outside and it was 35 degrees and rainy. Jim took my stress away just by taking a few moments to talk to me and explain everything logically. The guests would be warmer/more comfortable inside, it would be easier to hear inside, my DRESS would not get muddy inside, and he would make sure that the room was beautiful. He was 100% correct and the room in which we got married in WAS beautiful. I was tucked away in my bridal suite but I know that he was a part of it.

As for the actual ceremony, it was phenomenal. Prior to the wedding day, Jim had my fiance and I answer specific questions and send in our answers (separately). He also had us send specific questions to our closest loved ones which they answered independently and sent to Jim (without us seeing their answers). Jim took all of these answers and created our amazing ceremony. It had our personal stories that reviewed how we fell in love and how our loved ones felt about us and what we meant to them. Jim’s speech made everyone laugh, cry, smile, and reflect. He did everything I could ever want and so much MORE. He even went the extra mile and strategically put in quotes from my favorite books because I am an English teacher. I seriously cannot say enough about Jim and his work. He has an amazing gift and ANYONE and EVERYONE (religious or non-religious) should have him as their officiant. You will not regret, I promise! You want your officiant to set the tone for the rest of the evening and Jim most definitely set the best tone for us. I cannot thank Jim enough for what he did for my wedding.

Karra B

We couldn't of asked for a better Minister!

He was absolutely incredible. He made our wedding the most intimate, loving, and sentimental moment I dreamed it to be! Thank you so so much for making it a moment my husband and I will remember forever!  You rock!

Kristin B

Minister Jim did a great job!

Both my husband and I were very pleased with his deliverance and how he incorporated our lives as part of the ceremony. I received a lot of compliments from our guests. If anyone is ever in need of a minister I would highly recommend Minister Jim.

Heather G

We loved Minister Jim!

Our guests as well as us were so impressed with our ceremony and the amount of work he put in to personalize it. He was accommodating to our odd work schedules and made sure both of us felt comfortable with him before booking. We would highly recommend Minister Jim for your ceremony!

Nika G

Minister Jim was fantastic.

He really put in the work to make our special day as best it could be. His efforts and personal touch he puts on the ceremony are like none other we’ve ever seen and we received many compliments about Minister Jim. Outside of just the ceremony itself, Minister Jim was around to help with anything we needed and made our weekend great. Thank you Minister Jim!

Dan E

We were instantly at ease with Jim and felt that he "got" is as a couple.

I was lucky to meet Minister Jim at a bridal show I attended. At the time I didn’t need an officiant but was really interested in the way he crafts a ceremony to the couple so I grabbed his card. Luckily I did because a few days later I found myself in need of his services.
My now husband and I met with him to talk about his services and process from that first meeting through the big day. We were instantly at ease with Jim and felt that he “got” is as a couple. From that first meeting we knew what to expect and what we needed to provide.
The thing that really sets Minister Jim apart is how your ceremony is really a story about you, as a couple, and your special love story. He collects stories about the couple and the people as individuals from friends and families and the couple. He then takes all this information and magic happens. Everything he said was so unique and special to us – we laughed and cried. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house and two weeks later we are still getting comments about how perfect our ceremony was.
It also helps that Jim is incredibly personable and very easy to work with and responsive. We would recommend Minister Jim to anyone searching for an officiant for their special day – especially if they want to set themselves apart.

Jennifer S

We couldn't have asked for anything more.

Minister Jim made our special day so memorable. His reading and story touched our heart and we will always remember it. He spent so much time with us and he was right there for any questions or concerns we had and guided us through. Thank you again Minister Jim!!

Lena M

Minister Jim made our wedding day beyond special!

His care, thoughtfulness, and time spent with us as a couple and gathering insights from our family and friends made his message all the more moving and personal.  His attention to details and listening to what we wanted showed with every little aspect of our ceremony.  He set or minds at ease, set the tone for calm, and created the context for the most beautiful day.

Liz R

Could not have pictured our ceremony any better.

Jim was perfect in every way. I would recommend him to anyone. The story he creates by combining everyone story is just amazing. The little details he used, like putting our vows on the menu from our first date are things you will always remember and hold on to.

Sean G

My now husband and I had the most wonderful personal ceremony, and it was all thanks to Jim.

Her asked us questions and listened to us. We could not have picked a better Officiant to convey our love story to our friends and family in a way I could never do. It was the best part of our whole day.

Emily D

It was absolutely PERFECT and we couldn't have asked for a better person for the job!

Minister Jim recently did our wedding and did an amazing job! He has such a unique way of getting to know the bride and groom through us and our families and friends so that the ceremony can be more personalized. It was absolutely PERFECT and we couldn’t have asked for a better person for the job!

Kassidi T

The best I could have asked for, he went above and beyond just officiating.

He personalized our vows the best he could with information he was given, as well as keeping us organized before (and during!) the wedding, and even taught us a little dance as we are very uncoordinated lol. If youre looking for an officiant, look no further, he is awesome, and I would highly reccommend him to anyone.


I would recommend him to anyone!

We used Jim for our minister for our wedding ceremony on 08/26/17. I would recommend him to anyone! He had everyone laughing AND crying! Our guests are still talking about how beautiful and unique our ceremony was. Thank you Jim for going above and beyond and making our day so special!

Val P

He personalizes the ceremony in a way you and your guests will always remember.

I knew I wanted Jim to be our officiant from the day I saw him marry a friend of mine in the Dominican. He personalizes the ceremony in a way you and your guests will always remember. Not only did he travel all the way to Mexico with my friends and family to perform the ceremony, he really incorporated what our friends/family had to say about us into the ceremony. I could not be happier the way the ceremony turned out and would definitely recommend Jim to anyone!

Tracy & Steven

We cannot thank him enough for making our wedding day one of the best days of our lives!

It’s hard to put into words exactly how amazing Jim is, but I will try…Saying that Jim is extremely responsive is an understatement, he isn’t just responsive, he is proactive. He was constantly in touch with us throughout the months before, not only gathering the stories and information he needed to create our ceremony, but also just checking in to see how things are going with planning and if there is anything we needed help with. Then the wedding weekend came….and having Jim there was a blessing in so many ways. The coordinator at the venue said that we didn’t need to rehearse on location, that we should just practice outside at the rehearsal dinner. When I told Jim that there was no formal rehearsal, he took charge and rallied the troops (and with a bridal party of 20 there were a lot of troops to rally), got us all over to the ceremony location, and put together his own formal rehearsal because he wanted everyone to feel as comfortable and prepared as possible. We were all set to get married outside, but having checked the weather forecast for the next day we all knew there was a possibility of rain. Jim wanted to be prepared for anything, so he went and checked out the room the venue had reserved for the ceremony in case of rain. He came back to us and said there is no way that we are getting married in that room, and instead came up with the amazing idea of getting married right on the dancefloor of the ballroom…it was already beautifully decorated, and the guests could sit at their tables. Instantly, I was no longer worried about the rain because I knew we would still have a beautiful ceremony, and we wouldn’t be shoved into some conference room down the hall. It did end up raining, but the indoor ceremony went off without a hitch because of Jim. Now to get to the ceremony itself….the words were not just words, he put them together in the most beautiful way and every single one held so much meaning. I honestly don’t know if there was a dry eye in the room…I never expected Rob to cry on our wedding day, but there he was in front of me tears flowing. Jim incorporated every part of us into the ceremony, both the good and the bad, all the way from when we were born up until that very moment we were in. The ceremony was so meaningful to us that we have a copy of the entire thing printed, framed, and hanging in our home. We received so many compliments, and I am pretty sure every person in that room who is even thinking of getting married someday has Jim’s name memorized for when that time comes. We cannot thank him enough for making our wedding day one of the best days of our lives!

Jackie & Rob

Made our day special

Jim took the time to get to know us and make our day even more special than I ever thought it could be!

Jessica P

He did an amazing job as our officiant, making our ceremony personal and unique.

We originally booked Professional Beverage Service for bartending services at our wedding at the Byron Colby Barn. They came highly recommended by our caterer and the venue. After meeting with Jim, the owner, and talking with him about our wedding and bar needs, we felt very confident in his knowledge and skills. We were also looking for an officiant at this time and Jim informed us that he also officiates weddings. We decided to go ahead and book Professional Beverage Service as our bartenders and Jim as our officiant and we couldn’t be happier. Jim was very responsive to my e-mails and was able to answer all of our questions. He did an amazing job as our officiant, making our ceremony personal and unique. He then was awesome as our bartender and I heard nothing but compliments from our guests. I would highly recommend Professional Beverage Service based on our wonderful experience.

Jacqui K

Jim was fantastic to work with, start to finish!

We were looking for an officiant to do a non-traditional ceremony for us and Jim was recommended by our venue, Cypress Resort & Marine in Antioch, IL. It was great meeting with Jim in a casual environment, and from the beginning I knew he was the guy because we spent 2 hours just talking. I could tell he was truly trying to get to know us, and that he was genuinely interested in providing us with exactly what we wanted. The fact that he asks for “stories” of the bride and groom from them and family/friends I think was a nice touch for personalization.

We had no idea what Jim was going to say at the ceremony, and we didn’t want to know. I was seriously excited for what we were about to hear. He is great with words and honestly exceeded our expectations by far. The ceremony was personal, funny, sweet, and sincere. We received so many compliments from friends and family with the common theme that it was the best and most touching wedding ceremony they had ever attended, I couldn’t agree more. Jim made our day as special as it could possibly be and really tailored the ceremony for us and around us.

Did I mention above and beyond for us? We were running low on mixers at the bar, Jim was our officiant….he ran to go get us more mixers, covered the cost up front out of his own pocket…..we had another vendor for our bar and Jim still went out of his way to help. Truly a class act.

Josh & Sarah

I loved the personal touch!

Just a quick note to thank you again for the wonderful job you did for Sarah and Josh’s nuptial service. I loved the personal touch you put into it and I especially loved the part about tying the knot!
Many thanks!
Maureen & Carter (Parents of the Bride)

Maureen & Carter